Telecarve: Tool To Wood

A tree carving enthusiast breathes new life into downed trees 
Three Oak Trees Repurposed For A Park Renovation Masterplan

Three oak trees repurposed for a park renovation master plan | Photo Courtesy of Telecarve

What was once a towering Norwegian spruce tree in Hunter Pedane’s Truckee, California backyard was transformed into an eye-catching work of art. Pedane, a contemporary chainsaw sculptor, coaxes stunning works of art from raw materials, creating one-of-a-kind sculptures that are in tune with nature. “I have found my passions aligning in a way that gives mother nature a new form,” says Pedane. “Honoring each tree, I preserve natural features, lines and contours harnessing the energy and spirit within.”

Inspiration for this unique talent stems from a day on the slopes. Pedane is an avid telemark skier, drawing organic lines and shapes in the snow with his skis. He works to create the same emotion with similar lines in his tree carving. Pedane explains his swirling vertical patterns follow the natural contours and features of the tree and are reminiscent of carved turns on a ski path. “These clean-cut lines express a story of rhythm, balance and precision, all of which have played a key role in the creation of Telecarve,” he says. 

Telecarve Sculpture

Telecarve sculpture | Photo Courtesy of Telecarve

Telecarve Hunter Pedane Stands Proudly Next To A Completed Project

Telecarve Hunter Pedane stands proudly next to a completed project | Photo Courtesy of Telecarve

The self-taught chainsaw carver finds beauty in the process of preserving trees. Each unique project has a life of its own and takes less than a week to complete. Pedane begins the process by learning the story of the tree. He is driven by the natural shape and character of the wood, which inspires his artistic chainsaw strokes. The next several days go into carving the designs that transform the natural beauty of the wood into a work of art. Finally, an appropriate finish is applied to the art to slow the drying process and protect the tree from the elements. “Harnessing the energy and spirit within each tree, every sculpture is a one of a kind original,” he explains. 

A master of many trades, the craftsman also enjoys other forms of artistic expression. Pedane also works as an outdoor action sports videographer. In conjunction with his work salvaging trees, the artist spends time filming skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking and climbing in the summer.

Pedane Working On His Art

Pedane working on his art | Photo Courtesy of Telecarve

Pedane’s impressive sculptures can be found throughout the US. He hopes to expand his business to clients throughout the west. For more information, visit

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