Brush Creek Ranch and Preserving the Old West

Wyoming’s Farm at Brush Creek Ranch is not only an epicurean delight but a tribute to the land’s historical legacy
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Rustic and elegant, The Farm at Brush Creek provides a world-class dining experience within the rolling hills of North Platte River Valley in Wyoming. Photo by Nathan Kirkman.

The Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, is what storybook Western dreams are made of: reclusive lodging within the vistas, handcrafted saloon-style libations and a gateway to endless outdoor recreations, from horseback riding to fishing in a private enclave. Holding the title as “Number One Resort in the U.S.’’ by Travel & Leisure magazine, the ranch’s newest addition, The Farm at Brush Creek, serves a seed-to-table culinary experience—from tasting tours to cooking courses—that results in an All-American getaway.

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The Farm’s architecture pays homage to the rich history of the American West in a cozy cabin setting. Photo by Dan Hamm.

The property sits on 30,000 acres with a history as a humble cattle ranch and pit stop for settlers, trappers and loggers in the mid-to-late 1800s. Eager to capture the historical essence of the land, White Lodging Group purchased the estate in 2008 and hired Simeone Deary Design Group and RMT Architects to transform decrepit barns into luxury rustic-chic accommodations. When owners Bruce and Beth White invited the design team back to construct their culinary village and fourth installment to Brush Creek Ranch in 2017, they knew they needed to emphasize the importance of the outdoors within The Farm’s interior.

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The open-concept kitchen gives diners the opportunity to spark a conversation with Chef McIntosh while feasting on his culinary creations. Photo courtesy of Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection.

“[The Farm] is a celebration of the grandness of what Wyoming means on a visual scale. The interior has to pay homage to the natural landscape—nothing else,” Gina Deary, co-founder of Simeone Deary Design Group, says.

A feast for the eyes and stomach, The Farm touts a rich selection of textured stone and brick, patterned materials (read: plaids) and earthy color schemes to complement the three original concepts under the Brush Creek Ranch umbrella: The Lodge & Spa, Magee Homestead and French Creek Sportsmen’s Club. When dining, guests enjoy unobstructed views from all angles, which the design team credits as the real source of art within the space.

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Gather with expert sommeliers in the extensive 94-yard underground wine cellar—with over 30,000 bottles of wine—offering everything from tastings to seminars on winemaking. Photo courtesy of Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection.

“During the day it’s almost like you’re in the Wyoming terrain and protected by this really rustic barn,” says Deary. “Everything we did inside has to match what’s outside, but there’s this layer of luxury with all of the materials and the things that we picked out.”

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Executive Chef Angus McIntosh is the ranch’s culinary expert, dedicated to utilizing the on-site 100 percent American Wagyu beef or freshly picked produce from the greenhouse. Photo courtesy of Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection.

All ingredients and fare are prepared on-site within nine different facilities: the Cheyenne Club restaurant, Brush Creek Distillery, Brush Creek Brewery, Brush Creek Greenhouse, Brush Creek Cellar, Spirits Vault, Medicine Bow Creamery, The Bakery and the Saddle Barn event center.

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The 20,000-square-foot greenhouse delivers all things horticultural throughout the entire ranch. Photo courtesy of Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection.

Each spot offers its own unique tastings, including 100,000 pounds of organic produce cultivated in the greenhouse or cheese from the herd of Alpine goats in residence for Medicine Bow Creamery. Executive Chef Angus McIntosh leads the menu at the Cheyenne Club, where he puts an elegant spin on basic mountain comfort foods in an open-concept kitchen.

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The Cheyenne Club serves four- or seven-course guided menus along with pasta-making, butchery and grilling classes. Photo by Nathan Kirkman.

Flourishing with delectable eats and Old Western spirit, this retreat hones in on what a luxe farmhouse vacation can achieve—and visitors don’t want to miss a single bite.

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