Bound for the Rockies

Author John Gendall takes readers on a trip through the Rockies by way of modern and contemporary alpine homes in his new book Rocky Mountain Modern
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Provided by Monacelli Press

Flip through pages of high country abodes in the newly released book by John Gendall. “Even though modernism in the Rocky Mountains has a long history,” Gendall tells Mountain Living, “there is a sense that the story is just beginning to unfold. As I hope this book makes clear, there are some very thoughtful architects working for visionary clients in ways that are establishing a new approach to architecture in the region. “

For those with mountain homes or simply looking for future inspiration, the Monacelli published book is filled with design details. History lovers will enjoy reading about past uses of landscapes prior to building as well as the background of the people that bring the home to life. Also included are the leading figures of modernism in the Rockies, including Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Filled with gorgeous professional photographs, Rocky Mountain Modern’s many home features are awe-inspiring. With four seasons covered in the book, this photo-driven read glues readers to the pages. “Because the environmental conditions across the Rockies can be so extreme—intense sun, heavy snow loads, high winds, fluctuating temperatures—these projects must also account for some very demanding conditions. So in this way, they all integrate both form and function,” says Gendall.

Veering from the predictable, Gendall selects homes that aren’t at the forefront of readers’ minds when they think of the Rockies. “There are houses in the rugged snow-capped peaks that tend to spring to mind almost immediately when the Rocky Mountains are conjured, but there are also projects in high deserts, sweeping valleys, and alpine meadows,” says Gendall.

“Rocky Mountain Modern of Monacelli is a merging of my personal interests and professional focus,” says Gendall. “I grew up near the Canadian Rockies, lived for many years in Colorado, and continue to visit different places across the Rocky Mountains, so that landscape has always been an important part of my personal life—the setting of a lifetime’s worth of wonderful memories … So while I have lived my adult life in New York City, this project was something of a return to home.”

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