Au Naturel

Rustic-luxe materials, from stone to seashells to petrified wood, bring a cascade of natural beauty to the bath


HEAVY METAL Brut Faucet in Rustic Nickel, by Sonoma Forge,

COLORFUL CURVES Beveled Teardrop South Beach Mosaic in Olive, by Ken Mason Tile, at DSKB Plumbing & Tile,

FANCY FAUX BOIS Damarascotta Mosaic in Timber Brown Polished, by Aqualinea, at Waterworks,

COOL & CLASSIC Arabesque Flat Tile in White, from the Nottingham collection by Ann Sacks,

TOUCHABLE TEXTURE Rock Face Tile in Avalon, by Naturally Beautiful Surfaces, at Decorative Materials,

SHIMMERING SEASHELLS Seychelles Tile in Galapagos, by Solistone Commercial, at Materials Marketing,

FUNCTIONAL FOSSIL Java Petrified Wood Sink, by Rush River,

Categories: Fixtures & Finishes