Artist Jamie Burnes Captures Beauty in the Beasts

Artist Jamie Burnes captures the beauty of nature by creating robust animal sculptures crafted from weathered wood, steel and stone.

THE ARTIST: Jamie Burnes

BEST KNOWN FOR: Robust sculptures of animals crafted from steel with a rusted and weathered patina that's bent, wrapped and manipulated around chunks of wood.

INSPIRATION: "I am drawn to the natural beauty of the world and paying homage to it. I have always felt a deep connection to animals, and in many ways each work becomes a connection to a person or animal who touched my life in the past."

"Maquette III"

THE HARD PART: "How do you get emotion out of a plate of steel? That has been my lifelong challenge."

THE EVOLUTION: "My process involves finding natural materials that I am drawn to and discovering what each piece evokes for me. I use found objects such as boulders and tree trunks, particularly cedar and locust for their durability and the interesting way they age. I compose these materials with Cor-Ten steel plates that I shape around them. Solid stainless-steel bars form the armature for structural support and longevity."

ON AGING GRACEFULLY: "I am drawn to the connection between time and decay. My works purposefully age and evolve as they age; the rust and natural elements contrast with and complement each other. I intend for these works to look both ancient and modern."


IN THE OPEN: "My passion is to make things that fit in public spaces in order to reach people from all walks of life. Even as a child I noticed how public art could affect the mood of people viewing it and inspire debate."

WHAT’S NEXT: "I have spent the last month driving all over the country, installing my work in city parks and along public streets. Upon my return I filled my empty trailer with petrified wood. This is a new material for me, and I look forward to exploring it to make a piece for Gallery MAR in Park City, Utah."

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