Animal Skull Art

A Colorado artist creates mosaicked animal skulls inspired by the spirit of the creatures themselves
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Photos courtesy of Hannah Tidechild | Embellished Organics

Inspired by the art that mother nature creates, bone became her canvas and glass became her medium.

Based in Salida, Colorado, artist Hannah Tidechild creates mosaic animal skulls, each one unique, as if the spirit of the animal writes its own story in the design. “Honoring each animal is paramount in my work,” she says. “I hope that my art allows people to look beyond the physical animal as it appears and see not only a life once lived, but an individual spirit.”

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Tidechild, the owner of Embellished Organics, is “a self-taught, one-woman show” who pursued this passion full-time thanks to “the immense support of family and friends,” not to mention her serious talent and eye for design. “Positive energy and southwestern enchantment are poured into each and every piece, and I hope that they radiate all of this magic to others,” she says.

We sat down with Tidechild to talk about her work and what inspires her creations.

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Tell us about your art. What sort of materials/techniques do you use?

I utilize stained glass, glass beads, natural stones, and various up-cycled elements in mosaic fashion to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces for the home. My canvases consist of various professionally cleaned large animal skulls.

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Does living in Salida influence your designs?

Living in the Southwest influences my work. The landscape here is ever changing. It seems to morph throughout the day, each day, as well as each season, in color and in texture. It’s delicate and it’s harsh. It’s vibrant and it’s muted. Kind of like life, right? This inspiration and my appreciation for it is coalesced with physical elements to create my designs.

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How do you approach each piece?

I approach each piece as a soul of its own and do my best to let its spirit help write the story. My creative process is both meditative and intuitive. Rather than planning any design, I simply allow it to develop as I work. Every animal seems to exude a certain energy and it always materializes within the composition.

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What’s your favorite thing about your process?

I have so many favorite parts of the process, but building color palettes is up there in the top three. Color is one of my biggest inspirations, and to turn a concept into a physical composition by way of color satisfies my soul.

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How can people purchase your work?

People can purchase my work by contacting me directly, either by email or through social media. You can find currently available pieces on my website, You can also visit me at The Studio at 121 G Street Salida, CO 81201. It’s my studio away from home so I’ll always have pieces available for purchase here. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to receive such updates by visiting my website as well.

For more mosaic skull art inspiration, follow @embellishedorganics on Instagram.

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