An Interior Designer’s Favorite Things

Abby Hetherington, owner of Abby Hetherington Interiors & The Architect's Wife

Abby Hetherington, owner of Abby Hetherington Interiors and The Architect's Wife

Step into Abby Hetherington’s furniture and decor shop, The Architect’s Wife, in Bozeman, Montana, and you’ve entered the vibrant inner workings of her mind. The 35-year-old designer’s style is anything but minimal; her 2,000-square-foot showroom is a playground of texture, color, pattern and whimsy.

“Everything we do has a lot of detail to it—it’s pretty simple, but it’s still over the top,” Hetherington says. “You would never come into the shop and buy a whole vignette. It’s meant for people to come in and say, ‘That’s the perfect chair for my room.’ It’s for those statement pieces.”

Here, Hetherington delves further into the people, places and ideas that make her tick…

Item on my wish list:

I have been crushing on the Ralph Pucci armoire with solid bronze doors [Scarab Cabinet by Patrick Naggar] for the past year. We call a piece like this “jewelry for your home."

Currently loving:

The Element by Abidem hair-on-hide rug collection available at Kyle Bunting

Best design era:

I think it’s present. There is no box in 2017. It mixes in all eras. I love throwing history and antiques into a completely modern, clean home.

Artist crush:

Cherlyn Wilcox, a painter in Bozeman. I turned 35 this year and as a gift to myself I purchased this collection from Cherlyn. I love her use of color and depth she brings to her pieces. 

What I’m reading:

Picasso by Arianna Huffington. Picasso was incredible at what he did because he lived it. There’s truth to that.  For most designers, it’s a hobby turned into a passion turned into a job. We live what we preach.

Favorite piece in The Architect's Wife:

This Mongolian sheep chair with a metal base by MFGR Designs in Bozeman. 


No home is complete without…

I can’t live without…
My bulldog, Lucy.

When I’m in search of inspiration, you can find me at…
An art gallery or local antique shop

White on white on white… 
is a design trend I’d like to see disappear.

Something that never goes out of style is…
black anything.

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