An Inn With a Spirited Twist

The Distillery Inn in Carbondale, Colorado

Last month, I experienced one of Colorado’s most unique lodging destinations. After all, The Distillery Inn in Carbondale is part of the Marble Distilling Co. That’s right, it’s a distillery and an inn, and if that sounds amazing—well, it is.

Marble Distilling Co. is an award-winning, two-year-old distillery located in downtown Carbondale, an artsy Colorado town nestled in the Roaring Fork Valley and in the shadow of majestic Mt. Sopris.

The inn isn’t the only thing that makes this a remarkable destination, the distillery has an interesting story too, and anyone who stays at the inn should take a tour of the distillery business on the first floor.

Marble Distilling Co. is the country’s first zero-waste distillery and a tour reveals how they accomplish this feat by utilizing their innovative Water Thermal Energy System. They are also the only distillery in the country that filters their water through 99.5 percent calcite Yule Marble.

While the distillery is a fascinating story of ingenuity, The Distillery Inn is a story of luxury.  

The five-room inn features large, contemporary rooms with flat-screen televisions and fireplaces, as well as thoughtful touches like fresh flowers. Each room also has a balcony and an in-room bar with bottles of Marble’s own craft spirits. Inside the refrigerator, one will find everything needed to make the perfect martini, including fancy olives. In the morning, guests wake up with the help of an in-room Nespresso espresso brewer.

Somewhat surprisingly, the inn is dog-friendly, and they don’t just cater to little dogs. The owners’ affinity for big dogs means that dogs of any size are welcome and provided a doggie bed and dish.

In addition, guests have access to the inn’s fleet of bicycles. After all, Carbondale is a bike-friendly community and The Distillery Inn is minutes from the paved Rio Grande Trail that runs between Aspen and Glenwood Springs.

A large Carbondale Creative District project called the Rio Grande Artway is underway to develop a mile of trail that runs through Carbondale. Eventually, the stretch will include a series of artfully created pocket parks.

The distillery’s beautiful tasting room, located below the inn, isn’t only a lovely bar, but it plays host to a variety of events throughout the year. They host food-pairing events, live music, and even a comedy night.


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