An Equestrian’s 5 Favorite Horse Adventures for Winter in Montana

Awe-inspiring horse-related escapades for the snowy season—the perfect way to enjoy Montana’s magical winter wonderland

Jackie Kecskes is not horsing around. The equestrian manager at The Resort at Paws Up is serious about winter riding. Here are her favorite horse-related escapades for the snowy season—the perfect way to enjoy Montana’s magical winter wonderland.

1. Winter Horseback Riding

Listen carefully—do you hear that? It’s the sound of silence punctuated by the crunching of horse hooves in the snow. Winter horseback rides calm the mind and soothe the soul as you take in the crisp air and admire the wide-open expanses of The Resort’s Montana ranch.

2. Horsepower: Where Mustangs and Mindfulness Coexist


What does it mean to take a horse from wild to mild? Spend one to two hours watching in wonder as Kecskes shows you what it means to “gentle” a mustang. You see how the smallest things—from the pitch in her voice to the placement of a hand—can calm and train these free-spirited animals. With determination, patience and unbridled affection, you can share in an experience that few others ever get the chance to see.

3. Horse Whispering 101 and 201

In the first workshop, you work with a ranch horse, helping it get warmed up, then brushing and saddling your horse before heading out on a ride. In the second, you step inside the ring with a wild mustang as a wrangler shows you how to be a confident leader. In both, you’re establishing trust, building a relationship and taking part in an awe-inspiring, breathtaking experience.

4. Skijoring

This is definitely not your average horse ride. In fact, you’re not saddling up at all—you’re strapping on skis or a snowboard for a thrilling ride as a horse pulls you along on trails. You make plenty of fresh tracks and have all kinds of fast-paced fun.

5. Sleigh Rides

They’re not just for Santa, and these sleigh rides are full of merriment. Join The Resort’s Percheron draft horses for a ride through the property as you’re regaled with stories and treated to hot chocolate, spiced cider or coffee. It’s a magical way to sit back and enjoy the season.

Nancy DePalma is a freelance travel writer. The Resort at Paws Up is a luxury resort located on a 37,000-acre working cattle and bison ranch in Greenough, Montana. Contact The Resort at 855-775-3428.

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