An Adventure in Goat Yoga

When I first heard about goat yoga, I thought it was a crazy idea. Goats and yoga? It must be an attention-seeking gimmick. But then I visited Mountain Flower Dairy, an urban farm in Boulder, Colorado. Now I’m one of its biggest fans.

Mountain Flower Dairy is an urban farm that raises goats for milk. It’s possible to buy a raw milk share and pick up your fresh goat milk.

They also promote land conservation, sustainable agriculture and human husbandry.

Mountain Flower Dairy offers goat yoga with baby goats from spring until August (by then the goats become too big for yoga).

When you arrive at the farm, you can visit the mama goats before heading to the baby goat corral. The mature goats are used in weed control on the farm; they graze on the land.

You'll leave all your gear outside the fence, because goats will chew on just about anything available. We bottle-fed the baby goats before class and then spread out our mats for yoga.

The goats are hilarious! They slept on our mats, licked a woman’s ear, and even jumped up on the platform with the instructor to do their own version of downward dog (we’ll call it downward goat).

A llama lives with the babies to protect them from coyotes and other predators.

Caroline, our instructor eloquently said that the beauty of goat yoga is that it connects us with nature, grounds us, reminds us of our connection to animals.

Here is my goat selfie (not an easy task when a goat is trying to eat your camera).


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