Along the Pond in Jackson, Wyoming

With the help of Dynia Architects, a couple crafted their dream home for entertaining
1 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

Photography by David Agnello

Next to a natural pond in Jackson, Wyoming, sits an architecturally unique home designed by Dynia ArchitectsMountain Living sat down with founder Stephen Dynia and project manager Karen Parent to learn more about the firm and its design process.

7 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

Tell us about how Dynia Architects got its start in Jackson.

SD & KP: Dynia Architects was officially founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 1994, where we began a decades-long mission to create architecture that transcends “pioneer nostalgia” toward designing environments that connect to the exceptional natural context. Our influence on the community’s understanding of westernized modern architecture continues to this day through our private residences, multi-family housing, restaurants and, most significantly, the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts performance hall.

6 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

The exterior of the home is so unique! How did you decide on a gable roof?

SD & KP: There were rather strict requirements of the design committee, so we opted to put a section of the second story of the house under a gable roof to accommodate the regulations. This way, we could eliminate obstructing any of the surrounding views of the forest of the Teton Mountain Range. The neighboring lots played a factor in this decision, as we wanted the home to be open to their views of the surrounding beauty. In doing so, we were able to make the home much more responsive to nature.

8 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

How did you come about this project?

SD & KP: Our clients found us through their builder, Peak Builders. Our two firms had recently completed the successful design and construction of a local bar called The Rose, so we were excited to have the opportunity to work with them again. 

10 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

What were some of the homeowners’ requests?

SD & KP: The homeowners wanted a house that is comfortable for just the two of them, as well as large enough to host significant events for their very large extended family. They selected this property for its proximity to a pond and exceptional views of the Teton Range, so it was essential to organize and scale the house, as well as its interior spaces and exterior spaces around these natural amenities.

15 Stone Creek David Agnello Courtesy Of Dynia Architects

We LOVE the built-in bunk room. What was your process in designing that room?

SD & KP: The bunk room is an important space in the house because not only is it in a central location, but it is also crucial to the owner’s goal to host their large family comfortably. We studied numerous configurations and material options to create a casual space that also feels finished. It is highly custom, and we were delighted to work with an expert cabinetmaker to execute our design.

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