All good things traditional beg to be reinterpreted

The Best of Mountain Living Issue has us remembering our favorite designs, and we couldnât help but bring back the antler chandelier, a fixture thatâs long found its place in high-country home design. Here are three brilliant renditions of the old favorite, each sure to make its own unique statement in your mountain home:

GLAM GLASS Made of mouthblown sculpted glass (you can opt for clear, amber, black or opalescent), this contemporary take by artist Nicole Davis is as much artwork as it is practical light fixture.

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BOLD COLOR Taking a dramatic departure from its antler ancestor, this colorful composition by The Future Perfect is as unexpected as it is sophisticated. Itâs ideal for adding a dose of drama to a foyer or dining space.

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NATURAL BEAUTY Acknowledging that twigs and antlers share a similar organic shape, this rustic beautyâmade from a tangle of natural branchesâis a true expression of the outdoors brought in.

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