A Tiffany & Co. Watering Can

The iconic brand crafts everyday-items-turned-works-of-art

When you think of Tiffany & Co., you probably don’t picture tin cans, balls of yarn and tape measurers—until now. The iconic brand has been synonymous with glamour, prestige, elegance and robin’s-egg-blue-boxes for more than 180 years, but with the Everyday Objects collection, the focus shifts to ordinary, utilitarian objects. Crafted with pure sterling silver, these everyday-items-turned-works-of-art add a nostalgic tone to Tiffany’s superior style. On our wish list: The Sterling Silver and Copper Watering Can—a far cry from the green plastic version that frequents our garden. Sterling Silver and Copper Watering Can; $35,000. tiffany.com

Categories: Furnishings & Accessories