A Steamboat Springs Showstopper

This unusually-shaped residence is not your normal construction
Brookstein Residence 07

Photos courtesy of Michael J.K. Olsen Architects

Built as a “spec home”—meaning it was constructed prior to securing a homeowner—the inspiration for this unique residence came directly from its site and surroundings.

While the design of the home was meant to capture a distinct, contemporary mountain feel, the challenge was to create curb appeal on a lot that sits below the road. Due to this low setting, an eye-catching roofline was designed to draw attention upward. 

The unusual shape is punctuated by a dramatic, curved vault that extends from the front of the home to the rear—over the entire great room, including the entry, living, dining and kitchen areas to the expansive back patio.

What is truly special about this structure is its unique construction, which makes the home highly energy efficient—even with enormous windows that bring the outside in. The home’s placement on the site, combined with thoughtful roof overhang placement, also makes it passive solar. 

Additionally, the use of structurally insulated panels and post and beam construction facilitates energy efficiency—and also allowed for speedy erection, which is important in snow country with short building seasons.

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