A Splurge-Worthy, Compact Contemporary Cabin

This mod modular cabin can alight in wild natural settings


Think of it as the ultimate self-contained Scandi-chic spare room.

Designed by hip Finnish architectural studio Puisto in collaboration with furniture brand Made by Choice, this mod modular cabin can alight—by helicopter if necessary—in wild natural settings and is built to withstand the harshest Nordic weather.

An ideal micro-hospitality option for mountain homeowners beset with summer guests, or simply craving sweet sanctuary of their own, the compact contemporary cabin is preassembled in Halikko, Finland, and shipped worldwide.

Its bespoke worldview is the soul of flexibility: custom furniture attaches puzzle-like with a slot-and-lock system that embraces functions from workspace to gym, meditation studio to stand-alone guest room.

Made as a mass timber construction, the angular retreat uses locally, sustainably sourced wood, and a window wall completes the communion with nature.

About 107 square feet; fitted with “hotel” interior, the Space of Mind cabin starts around $30,000.

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