A Powder Room with Pizzazz


Sometimes a powder room is just a tiny utilitarian space that garners little love or attention; almost an afterthought for a home designer. But then sometimes, as in this sizzling Aspen showstopper, a powder room can pack a real punch.

Perched high on a mountainside and jutting into the air from its steeply sloping site, the sleek and spacious contemporary home, designed by architect Doug Rager, features sweeping walls of glass displaying breathtaking views of peaks and valley from virtually every room. So the challenge facing interior designers Andrea Lawrence Wood and Colin Griffith was not so much to amp up the sense of awe the home already evoked so effortlessly, but rather to complement that mood with finishes and furnishings befitting the home’s surroundings.

And the powder room certainly doesn’t disappoint. Here, Wood and Griffith created a stunning backdrop with a bold wall of carefully assembled backlit glass tiles that resemble flashes of lightning. As Wood explains, “Such a small space is a good place to include some drama in a large house.” So, why not take a risk with a tiny but extravagant idea? Just because a room is little and functional doesn’t mean it needs to be boring and well-behaved.

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Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

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