A New Monograph is an Exhibition of Art

Three artful interior design projects from the Mountain West are showcased in Modish, a collection by Benton Buckley Books
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Photo by Petr Wiese/Mountain Home Photos

“I publish a book like I’m curating an art gallery,” says Beth Benton Buckley, principal publisher of Benton Buckley Books. In her latest book, Modish: The Book of Great Design, the pages display design styles from coastal to eclectic. “Much as a curator would look at an artist’s work and decide whether or not they want to hang it on their gallery walls, that was my approach with Modish,” says Buckley. Of the many designers featured, Buckley hand-selected three projects from the Mountain West by Kristin Dittmar Design, Haven Interior Design and Hunter + Co.


By The Book Dittmar Bed

“As the light of day shifts, it subtly changes the way the spaces appear,” Dittmar writes. In the main bedroom, ample natural light alters the ambience. | Photo by Brooke Casillas

Aspen native and interior designer Kristin Dittmar of Kristin Dittmar Design focuses on texture over true color when selecting a color palette for her featured project. “I went with natural stones like travertines, natural wood and stone tile, all with cool undertones to create texture in every detail,” Dittmar writes. The Aspen home displays clean lines and maintains a warm and inviting aura.

By The Book Dittmar Portrait

Photo by Brooke Casillas

When Dittmar submitted her designs for the book, she knew it came down to how well the photos spoke for the project. “I learned how important the angles of a shot are so that the readers can see the layout of the space,” says Dittmar. Benton felt Dittmar’s ski-town chic designs flowed so easily in the gallery of Modish that she gave the designer creative control over her pages in the book.

INTERIOR DESIGN Kristin Dittmar Design


By The Book Haven Bunk Room

The kids’ bunk room is kept light with patterned bedding and a blue side table. | Photo by Audrey Hall

The creative partnership between Debra Shull and Phoebe McEldowney hinges on classicism. Since 2004, design firm Haven Interior Design has undertaken projects driven by bringing the outside in and maintaining timeless beauty. The duo’s featured project in Bozeman is no exception. “It’s a project that is visually very reflective of the casual, relaxed lifestyle everyone wants in Montana,” says Shull.

By The Book Haven Potrait

Photo by David O. Marlow

Combining form with functionality, Haven Interior Design produced a stunning fly-fishing retreat capable of withstanding strong Montana winds. “We also made sure none of the finishes in the home were
too precious and created a wonderful mudroom that is a catch-all for gear,” Shull explains. Outside of the collection, Haven Interior Design’s projects continue to accentuate the surrounding nature.

INTERIOR DESIGN Haven Interior Design


By The Book Hunter Living

The great room boasts uninterrupted views of Whitefish Lake. | Photo by Gibeon Photography

“For nature lovers, there is no place like Whitefish, Montana,” Hunter Dominick writes in Modish. Her selected project’s main focus was to bring light and color into the home. Considering that Whitefish Lake has a rather gloomy winter season, Dominick’s pursuit of funky statement walls and pops of color were in perfect contrast. “When asked by Benton Buckley Books which project we would like to feature, we suggested ‘Out of the Grey’ from our portfolio as it is inspired by bold patterns and clean lines,” says Dominick. “Every bedroom is paired with wallpaper to individualize each space while tying into the next. With a contemporary focus, this home flows effortlessly through every level with views over Whitefish Lake.”

By The Book Hunter Portrait

Photo by Kristen Binder

As a second-generation designer, Dominick is well-versed in creativity. Driven by her father’s philosophy of collaboratively making decisions, Dominick finds ways to incorporate her clients’ stories into their interiors.


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Modish: The Book of Great Design (Benton Buckley Books) is available for purchase at bentonbuckleybooks.com ($62).

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