A Modern Mountain Homestead in Steamboat Springs

This beauty is an exquisite blend of modern and traditional

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Located on a unique lot at the edge of downtown Steamboat Springs, this custom home fits perfectly into the existing neighborhood of traditional homes with its gable roof and distinctly mountain rustic exterior. Inside, a European, modern aesthetic shines, offering a balanced and beautiful lesson in scale, floor plan layout and blending styles.

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The lot’s steep grade required innovation and creativity to maximize views of Emerald Mountain on the main level of the home without interference from neighboring houses. To accommodate this challenge, Vertical Arts Architecture sited the home at a 45-degree angle on the lot, which allowed for unobstructed views, optimized by a wraparound front porch and a side yard that connects the home to the neighborhood. A covered patio and boulder wall allow private enjoyment of the outdoors.

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The home’s interior is a marriage of German modern with mountain chalet style. Reclaimed wood walls reflect a rustic yet minimalist feel. The home’s gray color palette is warmed by the use of oak, white furnishings and bold accent colors throughout to give the home its distinctive, welcoming personality.

Oak ceilings begin outside and continue in the home’s main indoor living spaces, situated toward the front of the home to capitalize on views. Additional privacy is created using high-placed windows and an L-shaped, two-sided fireplace. Using smart use of space and compact design, the team delivered exactly what the homeowners wanted in their mountain home.

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Functionality was a priority for each space in order to ensure day-to-day livability. The open floor plan is anchored by a galley kitchen layout with a pantry nested to the side. Modern Italian cabinets and a stainless steel backsplash are complemented by vintage elements, such as a rotary yellow phone. In the main living area, a vintage rug is paired with a modern velvet sofa, where we used soft materials to juxtapose the zinc concrete steel fireplace.

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The interior design defies a simple description. Instead, it is eclectic and eye-catching. Special moments surprise throughout the home, like the entry hallway and staircase. The neutral palette leaves room for vintage finds and evolving style. The result is a home that maintains the traditional mountain feeling of Steamboat Springs while threading in modern aesthetics.

Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien is a partner at Vertical Arts Architecture, a Colorado-based architecture firm specializing in creating some of the nation’s most unique residential and commercial spaces. View their profile or contact Sarah at 970.871.0056.

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