A Minnesota Family’s Permanent Big Sky Getaway

After years of vacations spent in the area, a family decided it was high time to build their dream ski-in, ski-out home
Retreat Envi Entry

The ski-in, ski-out home offers plenty of room for family and friends. “It feels like the Four Seasons,” says the homeowner. “We have everything we need—and nothing we don’t. It’s perfectly outfitted.” | Photography by Audrey Hall

Back when Wendi Kelly’s love affair with Montana began, the Berlin Wall was coming down, the World Wide Web was brand new and the New Kids on the Block were actually kids. “It was 1989, and I just loved it from the first time I visited,” Kelly says. “The skiing was great, there wasn’t a ton of people, and it had a totally different vibe than Colorado.” Her fondness for Big Sky only grew with time, and she eventually married a skier who had an appreciation for the area that matched her own. “When I met my husband, I brought him out, and he immediately fell in love, too.”

Retreat Envi Ski

The mudroom is warm and well-used thanks to cubbies, hooks and benches upholstered in a fun plaid.

Even after the Minnesota-based couple had two kids, the call of Big Sky remained strong, and after 15 years of winter vacations there, they decided it was time to purchase a more permanent place to hang their poles. “We bought a condo in 2009 in Moonlight Basin—it’s particularly beautiful and our favorite side of the mountain to ski on,” Kelly explains. “But before long, with growing kids, we were ready for more space.”

Retreat Envi Kit

Taj Mahal quartzite countertops are handsome and hardworking. “We cook a lot. After skiing all day, it’s nice to come home, make dinner and stay in for the night,” says the homeowner.

So the family began looking in earnest for a vacation getaway that offered plenty of square footage, as well as ski-in, ski-out access. While they considered a few private club communities in Big Sky, they ultimately decided to stay in Moonlight Basin when they found a six-bedroom, 5 1⁄2-bath home that fit their priorities, if not their aesthetic. “It was under construction when we purchased it, and many of the design elements had been selected. Luckily, they could still be changed,” says Kelly.

Retreat Envi Fire

Designer Susie Hoffmann connected the living, kitchen and dining areas seamlessly. “It’s a huge space with soaring, vaulted ceilings, but it feels very cozy.”

Enter Bozeman-based interior designer Susie Hoffmann of Envi Interior Design Studio. After admiring her work at the Moonlight Basin golf club, the Kellys decided to get in touch. “We really liked her eye,” says Wendi Kelly. “The scope of the project ended up becoming quite a bit larger than we had initially planned—all of the lighting, finishes and stains were a bit of a mess. We were in crisis mode, and Susie totally saved us.”

Retreat Envi Blue Couch

The den features artwork curated by Hoffmann. “She went to town on the art. That’s one of my favorite things here,” says Kelly.

The first order of business? Updating the developer’s palette of green, orange and brown to a more timeless mix of neutrals with high-contrast white and black sprinkled in. “The home was rustic from an architectural standpoint, so we wanted to create a very clean interior,” says Hoffmann. “Because many of the wood tones in the living area were kind of green, we had to figure out how to fix that. We painted all the timbers and cabinets, changed out the countertops and installed different lighting.” Hoffmann’s transformation was appreciated far beyond the confines of the home. Says Kelly: “Susie ended up setting the trend for the whole community.”

Retreat Envi Living

Together Hoffmann and Kelly hunted for furnishings that blend “mountain” textiles like wool, leather and plaids on more streamlined, contemporary pieces. “As a rule, I don’t love fabrics with more than two colors,” Kelly explains.

Once the finishes were finalized, Hoffmann focused on layering in her signature blend of luxurious textiles. “The fabrics are really ‘mountain’ and ‘traditional’—wool, leather, tartan and plaid—but they’re used on very contemporary furnishings,” she says.

Retreat Envi Bed

Loads of luxurious fabrics in a variety of textures and a palette inspired by the mountain views make for bedrooms that feel like retreats. “You can close the door and really feel like you’re getting away from everything,” says Kelly.

The designer also worked with her clients to select artwork specific to the home, including black-and-white photography, modern works and sculptural pieces. “The artwork is one of my very favorite things about this house,” says Kelly. “But really, everything is perfect. The décor is elegant and warm, and it’s us.”

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