A Lost Art: Ryan Schlaefer’s Fine Furniture [video]

The Colorado furniture artisan shares his design philosophy and passion for his craft

Mountain Living recently visited Loveland, Colorado-based Ryan Schlaefer Fine Furniture, Inc. to learn more about Schlaefer’s high-end design philosophy and passion for his craft.

And his passion is certainly visible along the walls of his studio; multiple hand-drawn sketches of his one-of-a-kind furnishings adorn the space. Hand-drawing his designs gives him time to put an immense amount of thought and detail into his work, which he deems somewhat of a lost art.

“I want and need to incorporate art into my furniture,” he says. “It’s about the creativity; it’s about the art first, and then it’s about the craft to get it done.”

In the video below, Schlaefer explains his style—clean, contemporary lines with luxurious, polished lacquers—and how it’s derived from his graphic arts background.

Video by Sarah W. Frazier


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