A Live-Fire Culinary Festival in Snowmass Village, Colorado

On July 30th, Heritage Fire returns to Snowmass Village with a lineup of all-star chefs that specialize in whole animal cookery
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Photo by Sam Ferguson

Good until it’s gone—that could easily be the motto for the whole animal eating experience that is Cochon555’s Heritage Fire. For one day only in Snowmass, culinary professionals that specialize in utilizing all of an animal join together in a delicious community event. What began 11 years ago in Napa Valley as a way to cultivate relationships between local farmers and emerging restaurants has made its way to Colorado. With stops from New York City to San Francisco, local farmers, sommeliers and butchers educate the masses.

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Photo by Sam Ferguson

“Through eating, Heritage Fire hopes to help others become stewards of the ‘good food’ movement,” explains Lauren Melamed, the face behind the event’s marketing. The act of utilizing and consuming a whole animal is quite an educational experience, teaching folks a lesson in sustainability. There to guild attendees through the process are over 30 renowned chefs from Teocalli Cocina’s Julio Gaspar to Hometown BBA’s Christ Lantern. The outdoor fest features live-fire, open-air cooking with hand-built fires, each inspired by global cultures,” says Melamed. 

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Photo by Sam Ferguson

Aside from the food, cocktails from local mixologists and craft breweries are to be enjoyed alongside the sounds of live music. At this one-of-a-kind event, guests can clink glasses with a sommelier while giving thanks to the hard-working people that raise heritage-breed animals. 

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Photo by Sam Ferguson

“This year, the event continues to evolve by not only having over a dozen unique proteins but also showcasing an increased presence of Snowmass-grown vegetarian options. 

A percentage of proceeds go to The Farm Collaborative, a community with a mission to support local Colorado farms and educate youth on sustainable farming practices.


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