A Lighting Installation That Resembles a School of Minnows

This splurge-worthy lighting mesmerizes

Splurge Copy

Like a shimmering school of minnows in a mountain stream or a cascading flurry of sparkling snowflakes, Seed Cloud Installation lighting finds visual impact in multiplicity and mesmerizing motion. “Discreet glamour” is the hallmark of London/New York lighting and furnishings company OCHRE, which prizes centuries-old hand-forming techniques, luxurious materials and made-to-order sustainability.

For Seed Cloud chandeliers, that traditional maker magic is illuminated by advances in low-energy bulb technology to brilliant effect: Individual tension wires suspend organically shaped cast-bronze buds, each with a solid glass drop housing a tiny LED—the “seeds” in the crystalline “cloud.” Available in round, curved or rectangular installations of three to 190 buds, length to your specification, in polished bronze or satin nickel finish. Shown as rectangular Seed Cloud Curtain, 85 buds, 76” W x 7” D, $29,025; ochre.us.

Categories: Fixtures & Finishes