A Lakeside Tiny Home on Wheels

Take the lake look with you in this rustic-chic tiny home built for adventure
Photos courtesy Tiny Heirloom

This high-end tiny home was originally created to sit like a lakeside cabin, next to its owner’s mountain house on a private family farm, and to echo its rustic-chic aesthetic. Designed and built by Tiny Heirloom—a luxury tiny home company based in Portland, Oregon—the result is a cozy, mountain-modern lake home on wheels—nature-inspired and ready for grand adventure.

Flat, black paneling keeps the exterior clean and simple, while clear grain cedar drives home the modern style. Inside, an assortment of functional and stylish features are thoughtfully designed:

  • sliding TV (with the push of a button, the TV rises from the living area to the master loft)
  • outdoor shower with a back “mudroom” entrance to the bathroom
  • modern rock fireplace
  • live-edge, fold-down table, crafted of English walnut, that doubles as a piece of art when folded against the wall
  • bamboo bathroom vanity and storage,
  • river-rock tile accents
  • quartz countertop
  • pine tongue-and-groove wall cladding

Take a tour below.

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