A Guide to Vintage Gift-Giving

Special vintage pieces, when chosen carefully, can bring your loved one’s mountain home to life.
Vintage ski prints

To hit the ball out of the park this holiday season, ditch the cheeseboards and faux-fur throws, and go for a true, one-of-a-kind treasure. When chosen carefully, special vintage pieces can bring your loved one’s mountain home to life—whether their style is modern or rustic, and whether they’re antique-collectors or minimalists. The right find translates to more than a happy friend or family member; it communicates that you truly understand them, and that you put a lot of thought into choosing their gift.

Here is our vintage-gift guide for all walks of life.

The Sports Enthusiast

Vintage skis

If you have someone in your life who loves all things recreation, then consider gifting them with vintage sports gear to proudly display in their home. A pair of vintage skis, old wooden paddles, or even a repurposed sleigh-turned-coffee-table or canoe-turned-bookshelf can add worlds more personality into the recipient’s space. Framed vintage maps and prints are a great option, too.

Vintage sleigh-turned-coffee-table
The Culinary Artist

Vintage milk cans

Know a friend who spends all of their time in the kitchen? Odds are they have a taste for the finer things, and the history and culture of various cuisines. The options for vintage gifts prove just how robust this category can be: rolling pins, milk cans, dough bowls, spice containers, food scales, copper pots… the list goes on. Choose whether you want something decorative and for display, or something functional as well as eye-catching, and go from there.

Vintage kitchen scale
The Academic

Vintage typewriter

If someone on your list has their own “study,” then we’re willing to bet that their jaws will drop at a vintage typewriter, globe, or magnifying glass to grace its presence. You might also consider hand-woven baskets and vintage crates or luggage to hold smaller items while still making a statement and upping the cool factor.

The Conversationalist

Vintage railroad lanterns

Perhaps your special someone loves to host dinner parties and tell engaging stories. What better way to support this interest than by providing them with a true conversation-starter? A rare vintage piece can do just that.

Vintage charcoal hand-press iron

Vintage ship pulley

For this type of gift, it’s better to consider the person’s overall style before choosing something truly unique. A vintage charcoal hand-press iron on the shelf or an ox-cart wheel hung on the wall can instantly spark lively chatter. Or perhaps an old pulley off of a ship or an antique hand-carved wall bracket will do the trick. The sky’s the limit!

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