A Guide to Georgetown, Colorado

What to do, where to stay and so much more about this historic mountain town
Georgetown Colorado The Heid Guide

Photos by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Whether a visitor comes for the day or stays for the weekend, Georgetown is an authentic piece of Colorado history. However, it also offers a slice of modern day in the mountains, including breweries and great restaurants. Plus, it is just 45 miles west of Denver.

A Place to Stay – Georgetown, Colorado

Georgetown The Heidi Guide Rose Street Bed Breakfast

A lovely bed and breakfast awaits your weekend stay in Georgetown, Colorado. The Rose Street Bed & Breakfast is located within walking distance of downtown and on the road to Guanella Pass.

The rooms are well-appointed, but not overly frilly. This is not your grandmother’s bed and breakfast, although she’d love to stay. A couple looking for romance should book the Guanella Pass Suite. It comes complete with a jacuzzi tub and wood-burning stove.

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 4 Rock Garden At Rose Street Bb

Built in 1892, the amenities include local handmade bathroom products and, of course, an outstanding breakfast. After that scrumptious meal, don’t forget to paint a rock before you leave! Instead of the tradition of pins on a map, this bed and breakfast encourages guests to leave a personalized rock in the Rock Garden. They provide the markers and the rocks.

Burgers & Pie, Oh My – Dining in Georgetown

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 8

Outdoor dining comes with a view at Cooper’s on the Creek. With a front row seat to Clear Creek, guests enjoy some of the best food on offer in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Think burgers with veal demi-glace, blue crab mac and cheese and truffle fries. A meal here is delicious and memorable.

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 2 Sweet Easy

The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts into the street at Sweet Easy. This dessert bar makes the perfect evening stop for an after dinner nuts & berries martini and a slice of Palisade peach pie. Order a half dozen chocolate chip cookies, and they’ll bake them while you wait.

Combining the joy of a jazz joint with the flair of being aboard the Queen Mary, you’ll leave wishing there was a Sweet Easy in your neighborhood.

Colorado History – Georgetown, Colorado

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 7

As an important mining town in the 1800s, Georgetown is brimming with Colorado history. It can be seen in the charming architecture and felt at one of the nation’s best-kept museums, Hotel de Paris. 

Once an operating hotel, it was the brainchild of Louis Depuy, who built Hotel de Paris in 1887. What makes this museum so special is that so much of the furnishings are original to the hotel, and more is being discovered all the time. A pair of Hotel de Paris circa 1920 waitress caps were recently returned to the museum and are currently on display in the opulent dining room. 

A tour of the Hotel de Paris is a good way to immerse oneself in Georgetown’s past, as is a mine tour. The mountains around Georgetown were packed with gold and silver in the 1800s, and people came from far and wide to work in numerous mines around the area.

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 6 Georgetown Loop Railway

Today, for a longer tour that includes a ride on the famous Georgetown Loop Railroad, visitors can explore the Lebanon Mine. Now owned by History Colorado, visitors are guided 1000 feet into this silver mine whilst being regaled with stories of what it was like for superstitious miners in the 1800s.

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 1 Lebanon Mine

Georgetown The Heidi Guide 5 Pushing The Ore Cart At Capital Prize Gold Mine

A bit less time consuming, Capital Prize Gold Mine’s main tunnel is just a little uphill from downtown. A tour at this working gold mine offers visitors a glimpse of mining through the years. Visitors will learn a lot on this hands-on outing, plus, they get to swing a pickaxe and push an ore cart.

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