A Day at Colorado’s Largest Spa

Getting pampered in Telluride

In recent years, wellness has become an important part of Colorado’s offerings to travelers, but there’s a place that’s been offering health and wellness to travelers for more than two decades.

Peaks Resort & Spa, originally the Doral Resort & Spa, opened in 1992 in Telluride and was Mountain Village’s first hotel. The luxurious resort features a 42,000-square-foot spa, the largest spa in Colorado. The spa’s picturesque location makes it the ideal spot to spend a day getting pampered and that’s just what I did on a recent trip to Telluride.

This was my second stay at Peaks Resort & Spa, a resort with some of the most stunning views in Colorado. On my visit, I attended a yoga class at the spa’s multi-level fitness facility. There are a number of yoga classes to choose from throughout the week at Peaks Resort & Spa, as well as other offerings such as cycling and pilates.

On this trip, it was all about relaxation, and as I entered the spa on a Saturday morning, I immediately felt a sense of calm wash over me as my olfactory senses filled with that delightful “spa aroma” that many of you know and love.

After a long drive on Friday, my joints and muscles were aching for a massage. I had arrived to my appointment early in order to partake in some of the spa amenities which include dry saunas, eucalyptus-infused steam rooms, an oxygen inhalation lounge, Roman tubs, and more.

After making a hot tea, I entered the ladies’ Roman tub area where one can choose to wear a swimsuit or go au natural. I had the room to myself and was soon in a zen-like state. Many massage therapists encourage clients to soak or take a hot shower before a massage because it will help relax your mind and muscles.

I headed upstairs after my soak to the meditation room where I was greeted by my massage therapist Joanna. Born and raised in Boulder, Joanna has been doing massage for many years and her experience is invaluable to clients at Peaks Resort & Spa. Joanna has an engaging personality and she worked my muscles like a pro, making it an all around excellent experience.

During my massage, my husband, Ryan, spent time on the first floor of the spa where he enjoyed the eucalyptus steam rooms and hot tubs.

The next day, we spent time in the outdoor pool and hot tubs and made friends with other resort guests who were celebrating the end of summer with a soak. The sky was blue, and the poolside bar hadn’t closed for the season, so we all had a grand time.

From delicious dinners with a view at Altezza Restaurant, to the resort’s expansive outdoor patio with postcard-perfect views, Peaks Resort & Spa is the type of place that’s very hard to leave. 

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