A Conversation Starter

Named for its angular Z-shaped base, the Z Quad Dining Table is a sleek icebreaker

As family and friends retreat to the dining room for home-cooked meals and conversation this holiday season, this striking design from Brooklyn-based furniture line Hellman-Chang is bound to be a talking point. Named for its angular Z-shaped base that creates a variety of silhouettes from different vantages, the Z Quad Dining Table is available in 18 sleek finishes and numerous tabletop shapes and sizes.

“It has a unique design that sparks conversation, with subtle details that become more appreciated over time,” says Eric Chang, who cofounded the company in 2006 with his childhood friend Daniel Hellman. “Like in a couture dress or luxury automobile, the sum of these parts is greater than the whole.” Starting at $24,450; hellman-chang.com

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