A Contemporary Mountain Boutique Inspired by Design

Stēl House + Home offers a world of design possibilities
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Stēl House + Home’s showroom features unusual pieces that blend rustic and modern, like this custom mirror by Twenty1Five and painted bison skull by Owen Mortensen. | Photography by James Ray Spahn

Ste-l House + Home began as an art gallery featuring local artists in 2012 on the first floor of Vertical Arts Architecture in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Since then, it has grown into a full-service retail furniture, home décor and interior design store, brimming with artwork, furnishings and custom-made and one-of-a-kind accessories and gifts under one roof.

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Stēl House + Home partners with local artisans to provide one-of-a-kind home accents and accessories.

“People want something fresh, not just what they can buy online,” says Ste-l (prounounced “steel”) House + Home manager Gina Silveri. “They appreciate the unique craftsmanship, modern edge and eclectic mix we carry. A lot of it is locally or American-made, something people desire.”

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Stēl is part of a collective of businesses anchored by Vertical Arts Architecture.

Ste-l is part of a collective of businesses anchored by Vertical Arts that includes architecture, interior design, landscape design and the custom furniture fabrication company Twenty1Five. The store draws on the talents of its affiliated Vertical Arts designers to provide customers with options to transform a room, a yard or an entire home.

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The store’s walk-in customers benefit from the staff’s and Vertical Arts designer’s breadth of expertise and an in-house Design Center made by Twenty1Five.

“People have walked in wanting patio furniture and next thing you know we’re helping them with a whole landscape remodel,” says Vertical Arts partner Sarah Tiedeken. “Ste-l is a welcoming entryway to our business. We’re passionate about holistic design, from big-scale structure to furnishings and accessories. We can help you reimagine your space entirely.”

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Visitors to Stēl House + Home enjoy shopping floor items like this custom wood-and-steel console table and gifts including cutting boards handmade by Twenty1Five, knives and accent pieces.

Walk-in clients can select from the latest products drawn from more than 200 brands or design custom pieces sourced from reclaimed and raw materials fabricated through Twenty1Five or local artisans. An in-house Design Center allows for pulling samples, fabrics and finishes to bring clients’ visions to life.

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The store’s customers can choose from the latest furnishings drawn from more than 200 brands or unique pieces such as this custom blackened oak and powder-coat steel bench fabricated by Twenty1Five.

“We offer a one-hour complimentary design consultation to people who want to purchase several rooms of furniture and do some interior design,” says Silveri. “It helps so much to walk through their space, see what they want to accomplish and curate a look.”

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Stēl manager Gina Silveri says customers appreciate the store’s emphasis on extraordinary craftsmanship and an eclectic collection with a modern edge.

Ste-l’s showroom spurs imaginations with unusual floor items from personally designed barn doors to translucent panels, rugs and accent pillows made from fabrics hand- loomed by a local artisan. Visitors shopping for one-off gifts can browse a selection of frames, knives and knife blocks, cutting boards, cocktail sets and decanters.

“I tell people to take their time and find a piece they really love,” Silveri says. “You want something that will bring you joy for a long time, that makes you think ‘ah; this is my happy place.’”

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