A Color Trend for Winter 2018

Navy and other shades of blue are back with a vengeance. Here are 5 tips on getting the design choice right.

You might think of navy as too somber a color to use in your home, but this trending hue for fall and winter 2018 evokes elegance, tradition, strength and masculinity. Make sure you embrace this timeless, classic color by choosing navy accents, furniture and textiles for your space. Smart design starts with this powerhouse of a hue.

Learn how to incorporate navy and other sharp shades of blue in your home with these five tips.

The Showroom @Furniture Row, navy blue home decor accents and furnishings

1. Layer to go lighter.

One way to make navy blue feel lighter is by balancing different shades of this dark hue through layering. Lighter or brighter shades like robin’s egg blue or pale teal and cerulean on the same spectrum can offer a calmer complement and make any room feel less dark and dull. If you choose deep indigo curtains, go with a softer comforter or rug, and choose even paler accents. If you choose a dark-navy comforter, opt for lighter accent pillows. This technique of layering will add a soothing, sophisticated style to any space.

The Showroom @Furniture Row, navy blue home decor accents and furnishings

2. Focus on accents.

Afraid of using navy in broad brush strokes? Don’t worry. You don’t have to dramatically paint a wall or purchase furniture in a navy finish. Instead, use only accents such as chairs, pillows, blankets, vases, wall art and other smaller items to display wherever you see fit. Mismatched shades of navy and other blues will incorporate a peaceful and calming aesthetic without being too aggressive on the eyes.

The Showroom @Furniture Row, navy blue home decor accents and furnishings

3. Pair with sophisticated neutrals.

Inviting and elegant neutrals such as taupe, beige, cream and gray will add a touch of sophistication when paired with navy and other shades of blue. As the perfect contrast to the darker color, neutrals will add airiness and evoke a soft, simple style that looks romantic in any room. Adding neutrals to navy blue is also a great starting point for creating a transitional space. By choosing a neutral wall color, carpeting, bedding or upholstered furniture, your space will feel truly put together.

The Showroom @Furniture Row, navy blue home decor accents and furnishings

4. Add trendy textiles.

Navy fabric reminds us of good old American blue jeans, so incorporate this classic look into your home by adding textiles such as tablecloths or runners, tapestries, curtains and other hanging fabrics for a look that is completely original in your space. Using a variety of patterns will also look trendy when arranged together in one room.   

The Showroom @Furniture Row, navy blue home decor accents and furnishings

5. Make a statement on the floor.

If the rest of your home seems too light and bright for navy blue, you can always choose an accent area rug to make a bold blue statement. Perfect in a living or dining space, a navy rug in a bold pattern such as geometric can anchor the room without detracting from the overall design. You will love this sharp look on your hardwood floor.

We know navy blue might be a little intimidating when decorating your home, but we know you will love this bold color in your space. Implement depth and crisp design by choosing navy blue. It’s literally the perfect hue.

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