A Chair With Animal Instincts


Is it just us or does this chair remind you a bit of a big friendly moose?

The curved, hand-carved black walnut back could be the head, and the slightly splayed legs that end in hooves look just like, well, moose legs.

Not that looking like a moose is a bad thing. On the contrary, we think this is one of the more inviting chairs we’ve seen in a while. We’ve heard it’s pretty comfortable too.


But enough of our opinion. The Ab Ovo Dining Chair by acclaimed furniture and interior designer William Emmerson was actually inspired by the work of Wharton Esherick and Carlo Mollino. The final element in the Ab Ovo Collection, each chair is signed and is part of a limited edition of just 500.

Black walnut: $1950 each; Teak: $3100 each.

Available to order exclusively at Emmerson Troop, Los Angeles, emmersontroop.com