7 Light Fixtures to Love

These contemporary mountain homes don some seriously cool illumination

Twenty years ago, trends in mountain home design were substantially different than what they are now. Before, full-on rustic style was all the rage. Heavy, hand-forged steel fixtures ruled the roost, along with a predominantly maroon color palette and the incorporation of large-scale natural materials—an abundance of hefty wood and stone. This style approach was a relatively novel concept at the time and resonated within mountain markets because of its blatant tribute to the outdoor lifestyle.

Today’s mountain home design takes inspiration from the style of yesteryear through traditional rustic textures, materials and color palettes—but with a contemporary twist. We’re seeing much more of a transitional and even mountain-modern approach, and it’s all about lightness (in perceived weight, color and actual, natural light). With open floor plans and rooms that capitalize on breathtaking summit views, designers are challenged with being much more thoughtful and deliberate with materials, colors, fixtures and furnishings. 

With this shift towards a blend of rustic and contemporary styles, mountain home lighting design has followed. We’ve long since said goodbye to rustic pinecone and log-and-timber light fixtures, popular decades ago. Today’s mountain homes overwhelmingly feature contemporary glass lighting, crafted to accomplish multiple objectives: blend a consistent interior design with visual interest, while also maintaining versatility and preserving the views.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter lighting approaches (the typical formula included four walls, a chandelier and a pair of matching sconces). Today, more and more homeowners are choosing custom glass lighting, designed with scale, visual interest, and views in mind.

Here are seven gorgeous examples of contemporary glass light fixtures in stunning mountain homes—to illuminate and inspire your next design update. 

This super-simple design, called a double-nested ring, lends just enough eye candy to the space with its wrapped windowpane squares without overshadowing any of the other design elements. Approximately six feet in diameter, it boasts volume without mass. 


Asymmetry is a common element of contemporary style. This geometric light fixture harkens not only the curves of the surrounding architecture but also the homeowner’s interest in cars; the piece is comprised of simple forms presented in an asymmetrical way, reminiscent of a car engine crankshaft. 


These silhouette drum lights are simple, although they perform a significant design task. The fixtures are designed to provide ambiance and mood, while also drawing the eye upward to emphasize the room’s voluminous space, tall ceilings and window walls. 


These pendants above a luxurious master bedroom provide visual interest and industrial vibes without obstructing the gorgeous mountain views beyond—allowing the owners to have their cake and eat it, too. After being hand-blown and shaped, each piece is wrapped with molten glass, creating variations in glass wall thickness. This light play adds a touch more embellishment without upstaging the view.


This light fixture is an oxymoron in this light and airy staircase, serving as an understated statement piece. It’s no wonder this outrageously simple design is increasingly popular. Three different sizes of staggered glass cylinders encase Edison bulbs and spark a magical, nostalgic feel.


The otherworldly shape of these pendant light fixtures is created by blown glass in a metal mold—and integrated LED bulbs create the illusion that the glass itself is the illuminator. 


Square, textured-glass lights sit on a thin plane, anchoring this grand dining space while keeping the mountain views intact. The hand-forged, craftsman-inspired design detail on the rods adds an industrial flair. 

Whether it’s a great room, dining area, staircase or master bath, lighting is what makes interior design sing. Good interior design includes lighting as a meticulously chosen, cohesive part of the design plan as a whole—it should not be an afterthought.

Levi Wilson is the VP of Design and Founder of Hammertonone of the first lighting companies to combine old-world artisan techniques with modern design and manufacturing. View their profile or contact Levi at 801.873.8095 ext. 7077.

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