7 Key Elements in a Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchen designs combine the highest-quality materials, proper space planning, leading-edge technologies, professional lighting, and top-of-the-line appliances. By taking the time to work with professionals, you can create your ideal kitchen space. See below for the top seven elements in any luxury kitchen.

Thoughtful planning can make this hard-working space perform with form and function. Considering how you use the kitchen for holidays and parties, in addition to daily use, will help you plan the space for flow, storage, and entertaining.

Think beyond the traditional granite countertops and explore new options in the marketplace. Visit showrooms and manufacturers with your designer, to source the latest and greatest materials.

Beyond energy-efficient appliances, explore efficient HVAC systems, lighting, water heating and insulation. The cost savings and nod to the environment will be worth it.

Having a well-lit kitchen, with appropriate task lighting as well as ambient lighting, elevates a kitchen from a workspace to a beautiful and comfortable gathering area.

​We all know that high-end appliances are great for resale, but they also are key in a gourmet kitchen, providing proper temperature controls for cooking, baking and cooling.

Bring in architectural elements from the rest of the house. By incorporating your home’s stone, wood and glass, the kitchen feels a part of the home’s overall design.

Bridging the gap between the outdoors and indoors can be achieved by designing outdoor dining areas off the kitchen, herb gardens, outdoor kitchens and seating areas.


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