6 Rustic Canopy Beds We Love

“The bed of kings and the king of beds” has come to the mountains with these handcrafted beauties.

Four-poster beds are often referred to as “the bed of kings and the king of beds”—and with good reason. Since the Middle Ages, canopy beds have been associated with royalty, luxury, and indulgence. The surrounding draperies enclose the resting spot and provide the ultimate privacy and warmth—making these beds not only lavish but also comfortable and practical.

Handcrafted in La Lune Collection’s Wisconsin workshop, these six canopy beds are made using the same eco-friendly techniques and tools employed by rustic furniture craftsmen of bygone times, and feature meticulous construction, special joints and finishes, and attention to every design and construction detail.

Imagine yourself relaxing on one of these inviting beds after a long hike or day on the slopes. Add to that vision a rustic-chic log cabin setting and the stunning Rocky Mountains in sight, and we’re willing to bet your canopy bed will be your favorite spot in the house.

Upgrade your mountain home’s master suite with a rustic four-poster canopy bed and watch your relaxation dreams come true.

Cathy Costantini is co-founder of La Lune Collection, a furniture company specializing in unique, handcrafted rustic designs. Contact La Lune Collection at 414.263.5300 or info@lalunecollection.com.  

Content for this article provided by La Lune Collection.

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