6 On-the-Go Blankets for a Chic Picnic

Roll it up and make your way outside for a comfortable and stylish meal

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The versatile Turquoise Herringbone blanket is complete with cream or brown leather straps, with the hue inspired by the sea, $150; atlanticblankets.com.

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Stay dry on dewy grass with the Waterproof picnic blanket in gray and yellow, $117; thebritishblanketcompany.com.

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Soak in the sun on the eco-conscious Recycled Wool picnic blanket that comes in a mustard-hued herringbone print, $104; tartanblanketco.com.

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The checkered Tweedmill Polo picnic rug comes in a lively blue with fringed edges, $135; fortnumandmason.com.

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The handmade Bradley Mountain blanket roll includes solid brass and copper hardware on the leather straps, $75; bradleymountain.com.

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The sprightly yellow-striped gray Heating & Plumbing pure wool picnic blanket is waterproof and spacious enough for multiple people, $147; heating-and-plumbing.com.

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