6 Common Problems in the Kitchen

From custom storage and lighting solutions to ergonomic accessibility, we've got the solutions

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When it comes to wishes for our kitchens, most of us are looking for smart design plus long term functionality. After all, as they say- the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place we gather with family and friends to experience the real moments in life. 

A key element of modern kitchen design is a clean, streamlined look. But sometimes that’s hard to accomplish in the everyday rush of meal prep. We run into problems- too much stuff, half-hearted organization, space that just doesn’t make sense.

We hear you! That’s why we asked around and came up with six common problems in the kitchen and solutions that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.

Problem #1: Counter Clutter

“Between my instant pot, air fryer, coffee pot and toaster oven, I hardly have any counter space left to work in my kitchen. Plus, I’m tired of looking at all these appliances every day!”


Solution: Appliance Garage

The appliance garage is the perfect solution for hiding away small countertop appliances that you need access to but don’t want to look at all the time. The pull-down door blends seamlessly with adjacent cabinets and the built in LED light strip inside illuminates the garage for clear access. 

Problem #2: Too Much Stuff

“We don’t have a formal dining room, so everything we have has to be stored in my kitchen. Between our everyday dishes and china, plus the china I inherited from my mother and grandmother, not to mention the usual gear it takes to run a kitchen- it’s a lot!”


Solution: Customizable Cabinetry

This full height cabinet functions like a custom armoire. It is equipped with 24 inch adjustable shelves and internal drawers to store dishes, bowls, pantry items- whatever you need. And best of all, built-in pocket doors neatly conceal it all out of sight when not in use.

Problem #3: Awkward Access 

“When I’m cooking I wish I could have the equipment I need available right at my fingertips instead of having to search through drawers and cabinets.”  


Solution: Function Box

Why take up valuable real estate with a decorative backsplash when you can utilize every inch of available space for practical purposes? The function box is a fully customizable feature that provides what you need in an accessible, ergonomic way. With electrical outlets and wing lights built right in, and clever configurations including a chopping board, knife holder and spice rack, the function box provides versatile functionality.    

Problem #4: Insufficient Lighting

“The overhead lights in my kitchen just don’t cut it for meal prep. I need light that focuses directly on the workspace in my kitchen.”


Solution: Built-in Swivel Lights

These built-in LED swivel lights fit neatly into the channel in our kitchen wall panel system. They provide clear, focused lighting that you can direct up, down or sideways, giving you light exactly where you need it.

Problem #5: Messy Prep

“As a vegetarian I spend tons of time at the sink cleaning, peeling and chopping vegetables. I would love to find a solution that doesn’t include transporting cutting boards across the kitchen all the time.” 

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Solution: Flat Basin Sink 

Our stainless steel undermount sink provides an integrated transition from countertop to sink.  Helpful accessories like colanders, basins and cutting boards slide over the surface, providing more workspace with less mess. 

Problem #6: Drawer Mayhem

“I try to keep my kitchen drawers organized but inevitably (depending on who unloads the dishwasher!) all of my spoons, spatulas, peelers, etc. get jumbled together into a twisted mess.” 


Solution: Adjustable Drawer Inserts

There are a number of ways to customize your drawer space in order to save your sanity! Prism drawer inserts- triangular shaped dividers- provide maximum flexibility for storing all of your tools and implements. Stainless trays with leather mats keep items from sliding around. A knife block insert keeps sharp tools safely contained and out of sight. 

Jed MacKenzie, CKD, and William Landeros, CKD are Senior Project Designers at bulthaup Denver Aspen. With showrooms in Denver and Aspen, bulthaup services all areas of the Rocky Mountain West and specializes in designing signature kitchens. View their profile or contact them at 303.777.5409.

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