5 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood

Ideas to bring style that has history into your home design


Reclaimed wood can make for beautiful, durable floors. Since the wood comes with imperfections, it takes the wear of daily life well—the unique quality of each piece of wood really shows. 

Photo: Vertical Arts Architecture


A reclaimed wood wall can really add some depth and character to a space. The more rustic, the better! Try finding pieces with nail holes, chipped paint, and weathering to give the wall an authentic, unique style.

Photo: Stel House + Home


Nothing is as striking as an impressive wood dining table. If using reclaimed wood for a table top, it may have to be planed down, treated, or epoxied to make it easy to clean. Consult your designer on the look you like so they can make sure the original character is retained while still providing a useful surface.

Photo: Stel House + Home


Accessories are another great way to showcase reclaimed wood. It can be used in items like lamp bases and knick knacks, as well as side tables and benches. Explore different species to find the piece that fits your space.

Photo: Vertical Arts Architecture


Reclaimed wood is a great way to clad the exterior of a building. As the wood has already been weathered over time, it does not need the usual maintenance that new wood does. Although reclaimed can be more expensive, you can also find some great deals on reclaimed wood like Wyoming snow fencing.

Michele McCarthy is the lead interior designer for Vertical Arts Architecture and Stel House + Home.

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