5 Ways to Create the Perfect Mountain-Inspired Bath 

How to design a spa-like getaway in your mountain home

Rld Stone Shower

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Bathing is an experience that should be savored and enjoyed. Whether you’re inspired by taking a dip in a hot spring, enjoying a classic Nordic steam hut or refreshing under a waterfall on a rocky mountainside, there are certain elements that will make your home spa even more memorable and enjoyable. Here are five tips for creating the perfect mountain-inspired bathing experience. 

Choose Materials That are Unexpected and Inspiring

Rld Stonewall Shower

When it comes to designing your bathing space, don’t be afraid to get creative with materials and how they are used. Think beyond traditional ceramic tile, and look for ways to incorporate materials like sealed natural stone, water-friendly aged metals, earthy woods or even textured glass. For those of you who are brave, consider combining one or two major elements in their purest form, like a boulder bench seat in a shower, a burnished metal soaker tub or reclaimed wood trusses hovering over a freestanding tub. 

Make Bathing About Relaxing and Recharging 

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When creating your bathing space, don’t forget that this isn’t just about getting clean; it’s about relaxing and recharging too. Make sure that every aspect of your design—from the layout of your shower or bathtub arrangement to the functions you include—is conducive to relaxation. Choose spacious tubs, heated shower benches, steam systems and shower heads that provide pulsing massages. 

Storage and Convenience are Often Overlooked 

Rld Modern Moutain Bath

It may not seem like an important element at first glance, but storage is essential when designing a shower or bathtub arrangement in nature – clutter is not calming! Make sure to have a designated space for soaps and bottles, not to mention a spot by the tub to hold a book or glass of wine. 

Lighting Matters

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Lighting is key when creating a tranquil atmosphere for your bathing experience in nature. Ambient lighting should be bright yet dimmable so that you can adjust depending on what kind of mood you’re trying to achieve—whether it’s calming or energizing vibes.

Incorporate Aromatherapy

Rld Boulder Shower

Incorporate aromatherapy into your design and you will have the trifecta of mountain luxury spa experiences. Consider adding an aromatherapy shower infuser, using essential oil bath additives or candles throughout the room—the subtle scent of nature will help set just the right tone for relaxation and rejuvenation while also adding a touch of earthy luxury to your bathing experience.

Pulling together the perfect mountain spa bathing experience really does begin outside. All it takes is intentionality around choosing natural materials that are inspiring and unexpected; making sure bathing is about relaxing and recharging; incorporating storage solutions; paying attention to lighting; and finally incorporating aromatherapy into the mix for an extra touch of luxury. Follow these tips and create a unique bathing experience every time.

 Rochelle L.D. Zemlak is the Founder, Creative Director and Principal Designer for Rochelle Lynne Design Studio, an award-winning, internationally recognized design firm specializing in modern, ranch and mountain-inspired casual luxury. Contact the studio at (403) 851-9908 or visit rochellelynne.com for more information.

Content for this article provided by Rochelle Lynne Design Studio.

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