5 Montana Ranches to Swoon Over

Vast countryside, mountain views, horses roaming the rolling hills—mountain living in Montana claims a true rancher’s heart. From a rock star’s ranch to a refreshing update, these mountain home stories will have you dreaming of Big Sky Country until the cows come home. Bonus: Their interiors are just as swoon-worthy as their sites.

1. The Sprawling Dancing Wind Ranch

Photo by Craig W Hergert

Located 10 miles south of Livingston on the east side of the appropriately named Paradise Valley, this Montana ranch is a mountain-lover’s haven through and through. 

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2. A Ranch Inspired by the Romance of the American West

Photo by Roger Wade

This ranch in the Montana wilderness—bordered on the east by the Bob Marshall Wilderness and on the west by the Mission Mountain Wilderness—dons no art on its walls; history and natural elements are treated as its art. 

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3. A Historic Look With Modern Comforts

Photo by Audrey Hall

This homeowner visited 75 properties in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana before she glimpsed the property on the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. “It was so raw, so primal, with every species still out there. I just fell in love with the landscape and the end-of-the-road feel.”

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4. A Refreshingly Simple Update

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

The West is chock-full of beat-up ranch houses occupying gorgeous pieces of land. This Ennis, Montana, home was once such a place—before two couples from Texas bought it and gave a thoughtful design team one directive: keep it simple.

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5. A Rock Star's Retreat

Photo courtesy of Hall and Hall 

When he’s not on stage, Metallica bass player Jason Newsted enjoys 545 acres in Sula, Montana. The rolling hills, mountain backdrop, and luxurious ranch house are a welcome retreat from the fast-paced world of a heavy metal musician.

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