4 Tips For Creating a Personal Art Collection

Time-tested methods to collecting and owning artwork that anyone can use to create a collection they cherish.

How do you start your own art collection, one that exhibits your personal style and brings new enjoyment each time you add another carefully selected piece? Here are four time-tested methods to collecting and owning artwork that anyone can utilize to create a collection they cherish.

1. Know your taste

Hone in on artwork you love. The best way to do this is by attending art fairs, getting familiar with the galleries in your neighborhood, and going to gallery openings. This strategy not only puts you in front of many types of original artwork, but it also provides opportunities to meet and talk with the artists who created the work, giving insight into the inspiration and process behind the pieces.

2. Understand your scope

Decide which artistic medium intrigues you, whether it’s painting, sculpture, textile art, woodworking, or ceramics, for example. Artistic technique is just as important as the subject being portrayed. This is what delineates the “best from the rest.” Is the artist skilled in their craft? Are they using the highest-quality materials? The more you learn about the employed medium, the more easily you will be able to identify details that indicate value when you consider art to add to your collection. 

3. Do your research

Once you’ve defined your taste and the medium that gets you excited, delve deeper into that world through books, museums, and Internet research. Learn what others have to say about this type of art and what the most desirable or collectible elements are in the genre that resonates with you. 

4. Let your heart be your guide

Don’t buy art to flip or sell. Buy for passion! An art collection is a very personal thing; it should be a reflection of what you love, rather than a speculation merely for financial gain. Buy what you truly love and the value will follow.

Marvin Wilkinson is the co-founder and owner at John Brooks Inc, an interior-design source that represents leading artisans of furniture, fabric, and lighting, and is based in Aspen, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Scottsdale. Contact at info@johnbrooksinc.com.

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