4 Creative Ways to Add Antiques to Your Wall

Conquer your blank vertical space with storied pieces

We all have that one empty wall staring us down every time we walk into a room. Sometimes a piece of art just won’t cut it or the placement is not quite right. Instead, the space is crying out for an extra touch of vintage and visual interest.

With these ideas, you’ll be grabbing antiques out of storage and onto the wall in no time—and that blank space will go from blah to an instant conservation starter.


Antique skis, ski poles and snowshoes make excellent additions to the walls of your mountain home for obvious reasons: They boast charming history and serve as a nostalgic reminder of winter all year long.

Vintage sporting goods can look especially lovely when repurposed. Add a few hooks to horizontally hung skis to build a coat rack, transform a pair of vintage snowshoes into rustic wall sconces, or add shelves to an antique toboggan mounted to the wall for extra storage space. The sky’s the limit!


A staple in rustic and modern mountain homes alike, decorating with antler mounts is the ultimate tribute to ski country and the Rocky Mountain West.

A traditional way to hang antler mounts is over a sideboard or fireplace. For a more contemporary look, display your antler mount around other complementary art pieces. If you’re not a fan of the “full head” look, opt for European mounts; these showcase only the antlers and a small part of the skull.


Wooden bread boards are a great way to evoke a sense of pastoral beauty on that empty wall in your kitchen or dining room. Often showcasing a storied patina from years of use, antique bread boards are best hung in a grouping or “gallery.”

Try using clean, geometric lines to guide your display. If your board has a loop at the handle, simply hang the board from a decorative hook, or try screwing small eye hooks onto the back of the board to creating that floating look. You can also add hooks to the board itself, adding function to form.


You don’t have to be a designer to know that mirrors are an easy and elegant way to add space, light and style to any room. Using antique mirrors ups the ante, especially if you create a collage of ornate frames, colorful patinas and unique shapes.

Add a mirror above a credenza to focus the room and enhance the lighting. If you have a collection of antique mirrors, hang them together in a cluster for a bold style statement. Get even quirkier with a cluster of ornate handheld mirrors on an accent wall; this approach works best in a small, intimate space like a reading nook or powder room.

Maggie Erickson is the store manager at Ski Country Antiques & Home, a shop that specializes in one-of-a-kind antiques from northern Europe as well as new home décor items. View their profile or contact Maggie at 303-670-8726.

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