31 Days of Cozy: Day 8

Photo by Gordon Gregory


Location: Paradise Valley, Montana Cozy Factor: “This house is meant to resemble something that was built at the turn of the century,” architect Candace Miller says of her decision to clad its walls with small-scale, 8- to 10-inch-diameter standing-dead fir logs. “Typically the scale of the logs was much smaller then because logging was done with horses and the logs were handled by the workers, not machines.” The smaller logs lend an authentic feel, as does the interior detailing. “The homeowner wanted decorative touches,” says Miller, who gleaned inspiration from Adirondack architecture and old Montana lodges when creating ornamental elements from willow saplings. The twig-like branches accent the ceilings to define spaces—and lend a romantic quality to the architecture. For the master bath (pictured here), interior designer Debra Shull of Bozeman-based Haven Interior Design chose a Turkish kilim and Kohler’s Iron Works Historic tub. “We chose the white finish [for the tub] because when plumbing was first installed in houses way back when, it came in white—and only white,” she says. Learn more here: http://www.mountainliving.com/article/true-west