31 Days of Cozy: Day 30

Photo by James Ray Spahn


Location: St. Helena, California Cozy Factor: In this rustic home’s great room, the kitchen, dining and surrounding living areas—all crafted from materials reclaimed from dismantled old buildings—flow together in a smart floorplan. Architect Ira Martin describes it as “individual spaces that can feel open but intimate.” Oversized warehouse-style shelves in the dining area help define the space while maintaining that open feel, and a custom light fixture and vent hood, both designed by Martin, add a distinctive touch to the kitchen. The flooring was found in a 1950s sewing factory, the hand-hewn beams come from the Ohio River Valley and date back to the mid-1800s, and the stone was discovered in an old Pony Express outpost in Indian Gap, Texas. Learn more here: http://www.mountainliving.com/article/pieces-history