31 Days of Cozy: Day 2

Photo by James Ray Spahn


Location: Crested Butte, Colorado Cozy Factor: Builder/contractor Corbin Marr went to extreme lengths to get the perfect, or rather, imperfect, materials for this cozy bedroom. After purchasing a dilapidated miner’s bunkhouse at the Gold Links Mine near Ohio City, Colorado, he sent his crew to camp out at the remote location for a month while they painstakingly dismantled the bunkhouse and categorized every piece of wood. The native spruce and pine boards were used as is—holes, cracks, twists and all—for this room’s walls, doors, wainscoting and window trim. To add to the authenticity, Marr and his craftspeople used challenging antique joinery methods and cuts. “The key was not to alter the material but to let it speak, to let it be what it is,” Marr says. “The old materials are all about the beauty of imperfection.” Learn more about the house (and see some “before” shots of the old miner’s bunkhouse) here: http://www.mountainliving.com/article/beauty-imperfection