31 Days of Cozy: Day 14

Photo by Audrey Hall


Location: Upper Little Lost River Valley, Idaho Cozy Factor: Seen from a distance, this 700-square-foot cabin on Summit Springs Ranch, a historic 3,785-acre property in Idaho’s Upper Little Lost River Valley, may bring to mind a rustic house-shaped spacecraft set down in a faraway wilderness. And that somewhat fanciful description is, in fact, not too far from its creators’ intentions. “It’s a viewing machine,” explains Clark Stevens, president of New West Land Company in Topanga, California. With the help of project designer Thomas DeVoss, Stevens designed the modest residence to capture 360-degree mountain views. The design enhances a feeling of spaciousness thanks to sightlines that stretch from one end of the house to the other, few partitions and expansive windows at every turn. “Having less house makes you feel more like you’re living on the land,” Stevens says. And, in this case, that means calling 3,785 acres home rather than 700 square feet. Learn more here: http://www.mountainliving.com/article/700-square-foot-cabin