3 Ways to Get That Mountain-Modern Look

Once you’ve got clean lines and open spaces, these three elements will add a touch of alpine rustic-chic.

Mountain modern style is popular for a reason: It marries the clean lines and opens spaces of contemporary interior design with the cozy, rustic elements of the rugged outdoors. When done right, there is a certain equilibrium in mountain-modern homes that elicits both a sense of calm and an air of adventure.

Against a backdrop that is typically composed of airy neutrals and natural materials, these three elements will add a touch of alpine rustic-chic.

Antlers galore

Nothing says “mountain home” like a shed antlers incorporated into your decor. In addition to the classic antler chandelier or wall mount, you can also add sculpture-like furniture made with antlers or more modern light fixtures like antler orbs.

Edison bulbs

The epitome of cool, industrial style, Edison bulbs echo mining-era days while still modernizing a space. This wax-finished timber light fixture dons deer-shed antlers and Edison bulbs—two chief design elements of modern mountain homes.


White fur upholstery can give your mountain home a modern Nordic flair. Consider adding a sheepskin-covered pair of statement chairs in your great room, or a cozy fur-lined reading nook in your master bedroom.

Jeff Musgrave is the founder, owner and artisan of The Peak Antler Company, a Colorado-based company that’s been creating original custom antler chandeliers, western art furniture and home accessories for over twenty years. Contact Jeff at 719-641-8844.

Content for this article provided by The Peak Antler Company.

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