3 Small-Yet-Luxe Camping Spaces to Love

I recently stopped by the Sedar Ayres Wagon Company while Andy Ayres was installing a cupola into the fishing camp wagon he and wife Lynn Sedar designed for a Crested Butte family. The finished wagon is featured in our August 2018 issue.

Small spaces draw us in—the popularity of the tiny house movement is testament to that. They provide a promise of living a simpler life with their “less is more” vibe. Could it be that small abodes also appeal to our sense of nostalgia? Of a camping trip to Yellowstone in the family Airstream, a lovingly built playhouse or rainy afternoons reading comics in a treehouse fort?  Memories of simpler times when we didn’t really need much? 

There are myriad options of tiny spaces that are big on charm; these three compact yet efficient shelters provide an alternative to roughing it while camping.


​Sedar Ayres Wagon Company, Photo by James Ray Spahn

The wagons of ​Sedar Ayres Wagon Company can be customized to create a spare bedroom, library, fishing camp—and they are moveable. Check out this fishing camp wagon  complete with Pullman sink and cupola that was created for a Crested Butte Family. 

Conestoga Ranch, Photo by Benny Van Der Wal

Conestoga Ranch’s 16 Conestoga wagons, handcrafted from Douglas fir and iron, pay tribute to their 18th-century cargo-hauling predecessors.

Wall tents

Photo courtesy The Yellowstone Collective Retreat

The luxurious wall tents that are set up on African safari have inspired the popularity of "glamping" in North America. Located just outside Big Sky, these tents crafted by The Yellowstone Collective Retreat at Moonlight Basin have it all, luxurious amenities and million-dollar views. 

Conestoga Ranch, Photo by Benny Van Der Wal

High-end tents are also an option at Conestoga Ranch, with Deluxe and Grand models offering comfortable and stylish furnishings. “We were going for a mountain-rustic style with hints of understated elegance in our Grand Tents and Conestoga wagons, while our Deluxe Tents have a slightly bohemian appeal,” the ranch founders say.

Tiny homes

Snake River Sporting Club, Photo by Krafty Photos

For a taste of luxurious living at the Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson, Wyoming, checkout their four designer-furnished, one-bedroom tiny homes. Designed by Wheelhaus, each home is outfitted with Restoration Hardware furniture and comes complete with its own fire pit and patio surrounding a communal open space. SaveSave


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