3 Rocky Mountain Ghost Hunts

A handful of spooky adventures around Colorado for the Halloween enthusiast
1. Meet the spirits at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

I think Estes Park is the best in the fall and winter. In the summer it’s crowded, but in the late fall and winter the elk outnumber the touristsI think that’s the best time to visit Estes Park.

Rocky peaks beyond and ever-blue sky overhead, Estes Park is beautiful, but it has its ghosts. There’s no better place to feel their presence than at The Stanley Hotel.  

You do not have to be a guest of the hotel to take a guided tour here, but staying at The Stanley is fun and will give you bragging rights, especially if you stay in Room 217. This is the famous Stephen King Suite where the well-known author is said to have been inspired to write, “The Shining.”

According to the hotel’s website, ghost hunters like to stay in room 401, as well as 407 and 428. These are among the most requested hotel rooms on the property.

You’re not guaranteed to see a ghost on the 75-minute Night Spirit Tour, but most guests experience a goose bump or two during this outing. 

2. Get ghostly in Georgetown

Name a Colorado town that has never burned down. If you said Georgetown you'd be right; the place is brimming with ghosts that have never been scared away by a fire. It also means that Georgetown is a fantastic and easy getaway from Denver (just 50 minutes).

Tucked below Interstate 70, Georgetown offers the visitor a look at the way life was for the early inhabitants of Colorado’s mining towns. Through visits to places like Hotel de Paris, one can experience what life was like for these adventurous souls, not all of whom are safe and sound in their graves.

If you visit Georgetown during the late summer and fall, check out the Silver Queen Walking Tours. These tours offer an array of stories that will leave you with chills and thrills, although the chills may be from the cold. The average temperature in Georgetown during October is 58° / 30°,  so pack a coat.

3. Boos in Breckenridge, Colorado

Photo by Liam Doran

Here is another reason to visit Breckenridge. Decked out in period attire, the tour guides at Breckenridge Heritage Alliance are all business and they know their stuff. I’ve been on the Swinging Door Saloon Tour, and it was terrific.

The ghost tour will have you strolling through Breckenridge’s charming Historic District while listening to tales of woe and wonder. A lot of crazy stuff happened in this town over the years, and a few spirits have hung around after the Wild West mayhem. You’ll learn a lot during this ghostly tour which is suitable for children.

See all Breckenridge Heritage Alliance tours at BreckHeritage.com/tours.

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