3 Reasons to Visit the Roaring Fork Valley this Winter

The lush valley is hard to pass up when covered in snow

Ski Sunlight

The lush green of the Roaring Fork Valley is hard to resist, but it is also hard to pass up when covered in sparkling snow.

The valley is nestled up to the Elk Mountains “up-valley” in Aspen/Snowmass and “down-valley” is dominated by Glenwood Springs. The towns of Basalt and Carbondale are also here.

With a paved biking route between Aspen and Glenwood Springs and rafting on multiple rivers including the famous Colorado River, there’s little doubt that this is a summer paradise.

However, why visit in the winter? Here’s why:

1. Soak & Ski

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Winter6

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool is a destination unto itself. The warm waters here have been drawing people for hundreds of years. A pool was built in 1888, and since then, it has been the jewel in Glenwood Springs’ crown.

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Today, visitors can enjoy both a soak and a ski using the Ski, Swim & Ski Package. It’s so easy, and gives families the best rates at area hotels as well as access to Sunlight Mountain, a family-friendly ski resort, and entry to this 133-year-old pool. It’s the best of what Glenwood Springs has to offer.

2. Marble Distilling & The Distillery Inn

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Whether skiing in the day down the road at Aspen/Snowmass or enjoying the shopping offerings of downtown Carbondale, The Distillery Inn is a good place to come back to in  the evening.

Img 1480

It’s obvious that an inn above a distillery is conducive to having a nightcap, but it’s also a comfortable spot to lay your head. Five deluxe rooms feature all the state-of-art amenities needed for a modern stay. 

This is an eco-conscious distillery that is a sustainable business. They recapture 100% of the water from the distilling process and reuse energy too. Ask about their practices when you visit. They love to inform and educate visitors.

3. Mount Sopris

Carbondale Chamber Winter December 2020 Lewis Cooper Photography Mt Sopris

Photo by Lewis Cooper Photography, courtesy of Carbondale Chamber

One cannot visit the Roaring Fork Valley without taking in the impressive views of Mt. Sopris. It stands like a sentinel over the valley and is a favorite of many Coloradans. 

The Ute Indian Tribe called it “Wemagooah Kazuhchich,” meaning “Ancient Mountain Heart Sits There.” A lovely tribute to this equally lovely mountain.

Located in the northwest Elk Mountains, this 12,965-foot mountain dominates views in Carbondale and the lower valley. For the best view of this picturesque mountain, take State Highway 82 out of Carbondale towards Redstone.

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