3 Reasons to Choose Custom Upholstery

When investing in your interior design, be sure to insist upon best-quality, custom-built upholstered furniture.

When considering upholstered furnishings for your space, there are a lot of options out there. Although many items that are readily available to buy “off the rack” may seem enticing at first glance, there is much more to consider than meets the eye as far as internal components, performance, and comfort. 

When investing in your interior design, be sure to insist upon best-quality, custom-built upholstered furniture. Here’s why.

1. Experience

It’s worth seeking out an upholsterer who is used to handling unique and fine fabrics, leathers, and other special details. Not only will they be able to tailor your furniture to perfectly fit your space, they will also consider pattern-matching, stitching, and other details. All of these fine points come together much the way a bespoke tailor would craft a custom suit just for you. An upholsterer with an experienced eye will see issues ahead of time, make helpful suggestions, and deliver a well-executed design—ultimately sparing you time, money, and disappointment.

2. Capability

Trade upholstery shops have a broad selection of frames to choose from that are proven in functionality and comfort. Their superior custom abilities and forefront knowledge of industry best practices and new technology mean there will be no guesswork as to how your upholstered items will turn out. Because these shops thrive on collaborative relationships with interior designers, they have a high degree of flexibility to bring designers’ creative visions to life.

3. Longevity

From the frame to the finished details, a good upholstery piece is built for the generations.  Custom frames are made to order out of hardwood, with eight-way hand-tied or arc springs, quality fills and foams that won’t easily break down, and impeccable finishes that extend performance and preserve your furniture from excessive wear and tear. Excellent-quality, custom upholsterers know how to build a piece to last, not a piece “just for now” — one that can be covered and recovered, hold its shape, and not find its way into a landfill!

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