3 Gorgeous Materials For an Upscale Bathroom Vanity

These elements, inspired by the tranquility of the mountains, will add exquisite high-end style to your design.

Whether it’s the guest bath, powder room, or grand master suite, a bathroom should feel like the pinnacle of luxury. It is an intimate space in which the visitor deserves to feel glamorous, pampered, and comfortable—as if visiting an oasis or an indulgent spa.

A mainstay of any bathroom, no matter the size or style, is its vanity—and what better way to evoke the soothing solitude found in nature than by designing your bathroom vanity with gorgeous natural elements? Here are our top three picks for your bathroom vanity materials, all inspired by the great outdoors.

1. Copper

Copper’s various textures and moods—including a color palette that can range from red and brown to green—provide a chromatic look that can translate to any interior design style. A bathroom vanity that incorporates copper elements can add distinct character and charm to your space, as well as a hint of history: Mexican influences throughout the Rocky Mountain West are hard to ignore, and Mexico is a prime mining destination, with a 500-year history of exploration and production. When you consider its durability, versatility, and history, it’s no wonder copper has become a major trend in luxury bathroom design.

2. Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits—Mother Nature’s original spa material. It is a favorite of many because its classic aesthetic suits almost every taste and can transform a simple bathroom into a picture of elegance. Travertine complements modern fixtures and eclectic styles, and can be combined with several materials such as wrought iron, leather, wood, and glass.

3. Onyx

The mineral chalcedony is a microcrystalline type of quartz that occurs in several different forms, including the parallel-banded variety typically referred to as onyx. The main difference between travertine and onyx is that travertine has a porous, lace-like texture while onyx is smooth and nonporous. When incorporated into a luxury bath design, onyx is both chic and timeless.

Not only are copper, travertine, and onyx beautiful materials for your bathroom design, but every instance of these natural materials is unique, as well. This sense of individuality and exclusivity helps to make each element a piece of art.

Susana Molina is the Owner and Main Designer at Mexports by SM, a high-end furniture manufacturer that has been transforming the beauty of nature in upscale furnishings for 22 years. View their profile or contact Susana at 956.725.6441.

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